Blockchain based Consultant Software as a Service will change the Consultant industry from now.

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About Our Product

AdvisoryNetwork is a Blockchain Software as a Service (BSaaS) that provides Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) model for organizations and individuals who provide the end users with consulting services by voice call, video call: AdvisoryNetwork provides software solutions for service providers and end users. Service providers provide information on services, experience, advisors, and consulting rates per minute on call. The end users easily find the right service provider, and know the service rate for every minute of consulting before consulting. Consultation can be done by voice call or video call.

Why we are best
for you

Reduced cost, maximum profit

The use of blockchain solution will not require intermediaries, which cause the service users to pay less and the service providers to be more profitable.

Instant payment

AdvisoryNetwork allows advisors to be paid instantly without the third party intermediaries. Callers do not have to pay in advance, when payment is processed during the call through our smart contract system.


Smart contract and blockchain-based solution will make payment and use of service more reliable.


In addition, AdvisoryNetwork also offers an extension utility that allows each service provider to issue their own mobile application, which is customized for each service.

Easy service implementation

Implementation of the solution can be shortened from several months to sev-eral hours for system setup.

Instruction and Demonstration

AdvisoryNetwork provides all applications for mobile, personal computer and tablet.

Advisory Network - Product Introduction
Advisory Network - Product Demonstration


We had a clearly roadmap to develop the product and approach the huge market and potential customers.

Idea and POC/Q1-2017

Finalise ideas and business model.
Proof of concept.


Implement cross platform solution for video and voice conference.
Create mobile app for Android and iOS


Create smart contract for service contract.
Create smart contract for crowdfund.
Apply smart contract for mobile apps.


Finalise whitepaper.
Collect feedback from experts


Start bounty program to community. Collect feedback from community.
Start of token sale.


Listing on exchange platforms. Binance listing and voting


Blockchain Software as a Service (BSaaS).
Develop cross platform desktop application.


Global marketing and sale.
Finding more partners/customers.

Core team

We are the strong team with full technology stack.

Aaron Macvitie

CEO, Co-Founder

Aaron has over 15 years of experience in managing, with a capacity to understand and embrace new technologies.
He is also an avid pursuer of diverse ideas to inform my thinking and a big believer that we should favour simplicity over complexity in both life and work.

Lucas Angelo

CTO, Co-Founder

Lucas has over 16 years of experience in software design, development and directing. Prior to AdvisoryNetwork, Lucas was a CTO at CVision. “Lucas, there’s no need to worry. Technology will make life better for everyone, like it always has in the past.”

Holly Bannister

CFO, Co-Founder

Holly interests and competences are within understanding and optimizing the drivers of the financial performance of the business with experience from large, international production companies, MBA (Henley, 2010) and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Economics.

Julian Woodfull

Development Team Lead

Julian has proven expertise in analysis, design, development and implementation of Enterprise Applications on Java and .NET. He also expertise in developing reliable, secured, high performance and scalable systems.

Dean Rouse

Blockchain expertise

Dean has over 13 years of software development experience. Prior to AdvisoryNetwork, he was a lead blockchain lab. He has successful in building blockchain network for banking that can process more than 1500 transactions per second.

Nicholas Macansh

Frontend expertise

Nicholas has over 10 years of full-stack software development experience, especially in HTML/CSS, JavaScript (ReactJS, React Native, Angular, Phon-eGap, and Ionic), and NodeJS.

Julian Pugliese

Mobile expertise

Julian has over 10 years of full-stack software development experience, especially in developing mobile application bases on both Android and iOS. Worked in Samsung mobile R&D center he customs android kernel to build custom ROM.

Gabrielle McMinn

Business analyst

Gabrielle has highly skilled Business Analyst with over 10 years experience. Expertise in elicitation requirement and process modeling in many sectors such as supply, banking, finance, entertainment.

Maddison Terry

Marketing & Communication Manager

Maddison has more than 9 years of solid brand management and marketing experience. She has very sharp analytical skills in Communications, Research, Event Management, Marketing, and Project Management.

Advisor team

We are very proud of advisors.

Warren Whitlock

Traction and Growth Veteran

Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013. Top 20 Most Influential in blockchain space Author of Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games.

Jeff Robbins

President at Capital Asset Exchange & Trading, LLC

Grew his first venture from 1 employee to over 4000 working in 16 states. Partner of two major ventures. Both of which enjoyed huge success under Jeff's guidance.

Ismail Malik

Blockchain Lab CEO, SmartBlock company

Top 90 Most Influential in blockchain 20 years start-up experience covering Asset Management Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Payments working Vodafone, Cellnet and News International.

Steven Stefanic

Legal Advisor

Stanford Legal is a Sydney based law firm with expertise in immigration law. Our specialisation is working with overseas professionals in the IT, Science and Engineering sectors.




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